Disney FastPass system

Before you go

Planning before you go – Once you have booked your flights and accommodation the next step is to look at when you can book your FastPasses. Firstly, get the Walt Disney World app, you can link your park tickets, magic bands etc to this app and it is an easy way to book and amend your dining plans and fast passes.

FastPasses allow you to book a ride or attraction at a certain time on a certain day. You then get a one hour time slot in which to arrive at the attraction and use your FastPass. If you are staying on site you can start booking your FastPasses at:

90 days before your trip with club level Disney accommodation and a Disney Ticket. 60 days before with a Disney hotel booking and Disney ticket – you can book FastPasses for your entire stay up to a max of fourteen days, then you book your remaining FastPasses each day (as you would with the 30 day offsite bookings). However, if you choose to stay only a few nights in a Disney hotel then move to a villa, you cannot book FastPasses for the entire stay of your holiday only for the days you are staying at the Disney hotel.

If you are staying off site you can book your fastpasses 30 days in advance. You book your FastPasses each day (not an entire trip on one day). So for example, if I am staying from the 1st Sept for 14 nights I can start booking my FastPasses from the 2nd of August, on that date I can book three FastPasses for the 1st Sept, then on the 3rd August book three FastPasses for the 2nd Sept and so on. Due to the time difference the release time for us to book fast passes in the UK was 12 midday, check out the time for release for your trip, on the app or on the website in the my Disney experience section.

Disney App

Make sure you book all your three FastPasses each day, even if you don’t want them all, you can aways amend or cancel them later on. Also try to get all the three passes as early as possible in the day, once you have used them you can get more, depending on availability. Only one additional FastPass per person can be made after the first three, after that is used you can then look for another one. The first three FastPasses can only be in one park not spread over the four parks, but once you have used your first three FastPasses you can look at other parks for your additional ones.

Tiered System

Tiered system for FastPasses – Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom have a tiered FastPass system, you choose either; 1 ride/attraction from tier 1 and 2 ride/attractions from tier 2 or 3 ride/attractions from tier 2.

For example in Epcot you have test track, Frozen and Soarin in tier 1, you can only pick one of these as a FastPass and then two other rides/attractions from tier 2. If you can’t get any of the tier 1, new or most popular rides then think about getting into the park early – either via magic hours or on opening and head straight to them.

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Until our next adventure x TRT

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